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Found 3 results

  1. Sorry if this is a FAQ but I have tried to find the answer. I have set up a new Omlet run (attached to an Eglu Classic) for the first time (last time I was keeping hens I built a walk-in run) but the door of the run seems very insecure. What do other people do to stop the fox simply lifting the pin or forcing the door open? Thank you, in advance, for any advice.
  2. Hi, I finally got my lovely eglu Mk 2 and additional outside run up and working and collected my 5 young girls just over a week ago. One started laying the first day, and one the second (they are different breeds and lay different colours) and I was getting more and more eggs each day until 2 days ago when I stopped finding any eggs at all in their next box. Is it likely that young chickens who had just started laying would completely stop again like that? Otherwise, my trouble is that the run is on the only piece of land I have, which is next to a very quiet public path, I have a horrible feeling that people are reaching in and grabbing eggs as they walk past. I need to be able to lock the eglu. Has anyone else come across / solved this issue?
  3. Hi everyone, we are currently looking into buying an Eglu Go Rabbit Hutch with the 2 m run. We are planning to have 3 guinea pigs live outdoors in it. We have a secure garden area that they can use for free roaming when we are there. Also we would like to transform our former cat outdoor house to link it to the run with one of those zippy tunnels for extra snuggle and hiding space. I have read that the Eglu is fox secure and winter proof. However, think I'm reading too many forums and stuff and now getting doubts that is also preventing smaller predators like martens, weasels and the like to find their way into the run. I cannot find the mesh width on the omelet website, does somebody please know the measurements? In various forums people were saying if an egg fits through it, the marten can go through it easily. Has anyone had any experience with this topic? I would also be interested to know, if you shut the guinea pigs into the hutch during the night? I know that this would probably solve the predator issue, but as the size of the hutch is not too big, I am not so comfortable with shutting them in. And how do you deal with this in winter? I would be really grateful to get some advice as the Eglu would fit perfectly for us, but I also want to secure the little ones as good as possible. Thx, Stephanie

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