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Found 3 results

  1. Hello! New to Eglu, but loving it! Got a cube and created a LOOOONG run - 16 feet or so attached for my 7 little princesses. They are LOVING it and so am I! I call it the Shangri La... We live in Virginia - can get down in the 20s maybe teens in Fahrenheit in winter....I bought the cube blanket bundle so no matter WHERE we go we are set for cozy chicken nights... So Drafts..... the portent of drafts brings ice to my bones! SOOOO... I purchase all sorts of Omlet draft dodging items.... combis and panels and you name it... I bought it. But my apprehensions were not improved upon the reception of said items..... Quality - excellent! Size - allows for DRAFTS! How much wind is too much wind? Im told the girls can stand in a gale, but a slight breeze on their britches and WOAH ! Their demise is inevitable.... Im not concerned about them in the Cube. But UNDER the Cube - the small panels that I purchased for windbreaks and to PREVENT drafts are not adequate if I dont want spaces around the edges where little whisps of wind can fluff their downy bloomers! So is this really a problem? Would it be better to return them and just skin it with 6 mil greenhouse plastic? When does a draft become a draft? Am I just being too much of a literalist? I just spent a fortune on the Shangri La. It would break my heart to have it turn into a SIck Ward! Please Advise!
  2. We have recently managed to pick up a second hand Mk1 Cube, we put it together this week bit there seems to be a substatial gap around the back panel. It is all really secure and stable, but when you inside through the door you can see light getting in pretty much all the way around. Is this normal??? There is a 'groove' over the top of the panel, should this contain some sort of rubber seal that is missing? As I say, it is stable and secure and fine whilst the weather is great, but I'm worried that it will be heamoraging heat in the winter, and the wind will blow right through it causing draughts. I looked into an extreme weather jacket, but they seem to just cover the sides, not the back so probably won't help any. Could anyone shed some light? Chris
  3. I live in the Southern US and have 5 medium/large hens (Welsummer, Australorp, Legbar etc), all in their first winter. They live in an Eglu Cube Mk2, with a 3m x 7m walk-in run attached. The run has proved to be secure against our local predators; these are mainly raccoons, with their naughty little monkey-hands, that leave muddy prints all over the latches to the coop and run after a wet night! Local chicken forums report a very high rate of predation inside runs and coops, so I'm very impressed by Omlet's security! As the run is secure I generally leave the coop door open at night. When the weather gets "cold", though, I start to close it (and have ordered an automatic door to help with that), and when it gets "very cold" I add the Eglu thermal jacket over the coop. At the moment, though, I'm guessing at what "cold" and "very cold" are and would love some opinions/advice on that. I understand that chickens are pretty good at staying warm, but the roosting bars of the eglu are at the same level as the door so I imagine the cold air seeps in around the sleeping hens. In winter here it can get cold at night (although my neighbors to the north will laugh at that) - perhaps down to -12 deg C (+10 deg F). It's not often wet, though, and there's not much wind. I'm not sure if I'm keeping them comfortable or making them sleep in a sauna! Any thoughts?

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