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Found 1 result

  1. alexRaleighUSA

    How cold is cold?

    I live in the Southern US and have 5 medium/large hens (Welsummer, Australorp, Legbar etc), all in their first winter. They live in an Eglu Cube Mk2, with a 3m x 7m walk-in run attached. The run has proved to be secure against our local predators; these are mainly raccoons, with their naughty little monkey-hands, that leave muddy prints all over the latches to the coop and run after a wet night! Local chicken forums report a very high rate of predation inside runs and coops, so I'm very impressed by Omlet's security! As the run is secure I generally leave the coop door open at night. When the weather gets "cold", though, I start to close it (and have ordered an automatic door to help with that), and when it gets "very cold" I add the Eglu thermal jacket over the coop. At the moment, though, I'm guessing at what "cold" and "very cold" are and would love some opinions/advice on that. I understand that chickens are pretty good at staying warm, but the roosting bars of the eglu are at the same level as the door so I imagine the cold air seeps in around the sleeping hens. In winter here it can get cold at night (although my neighbors to the north will laugh at that) - perhaps down to -12 deg C (+10 deg F). It's not often wet, though, and there's not much wind. I'm not sure if I'm keeping them comfortable or making them sleep in a sauna! Any thoughts?