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  1. Hello all, Desperate for help! Really concerned about my daughter's chicken. I think She's been broody all week. Has come out to eat and drink a bit but not masses. Been trying to break was about to do broody cage. Today got her out and noticed that she' s so wobbly she staggers especially if still. At first I thought she'd hurt her leg but now seems more unstable. Not sure what is going on. Don't think egg bound, can't see mites, trying to get her to eat today. She's had some mash and a bit of wheetabix (only thing she wanted) managed to prepet some water and vits into her bit she' still very wobbly and not herself. Not sure what to do! At present we have her inside in the house in a dog cage, on soft towel. Been going into feed and water every few hours, radio 4 to sooth. But she seems no better. Given egg, raw egg, mash, Water, spaghetti as usually a favourite; no luck .Planning vets tomorrow although worried the drive will be too much for her. Have I missed anything?? Anything I can try? She's our baby; raised her from day one... Just don't know what to do. Thank you so much for your time. Really appreciate it x

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