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  1. Well - it didn’t seem right to buy and incubator and only use it for 2 days. Or to hatch what started as 12 eggs and end up with only one hen (who was actually one I bought as a day old anyway) - the boys are lovely but will moving on. So last week I bought 4 lavender pekin and 3 laced Wyandotte bantam eggs from a place I could drive to so the eggs didn’t have to go in the post. I candled them today and I’m pretty sure I have 3 growing pekins and 1 Wyandotte. I was really hoping for a couple of pekin girls and at least 1 Wyandotte, but with only the total of 4 fertile I’m going to have to be lucky! I’m usually not. I plan to keep this going as a blog, but can anyone tell me if that’s a normal fertility rate or poor?

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