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may I present Scarlett, Lydia and Delilah

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Photo doesn't do ANY of them justice, I've been trying to get decent shots for a couple of hours but have so far failed.


Scarlett is the Transylvanian Naked Neck, and her red neck is stunning. I haven't been able to capture a photo of her yet which does it justice.


Lydia is a Buff Sussex. She and Scarlett came from Wernlas, where they've been living together waiting for me, so they know each other very well.


Delilah is a Bluebelle, and she came from Sharon Gould at Pinvin.


They all got the hang of the Superglug quite quickly, took the Wernlas Girls (who arrived yesterday) several hours to find the Grubs; Delilah found them almost immediately.


We've also put a second perch in the run, and hung up a Peckablock. Changed the bottom door bolt to a kickbolt, the sort you have on a stable. A Stable one was too heavy though, so DH made one from bits of metal.


The cats have been going bananas.


I'll post more pics as soon as I get any worth posting.

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Thank you everyone for your kind comments. I know there are always plenty of newbie hen owners posting their beautiful babes, and I really appreciate you taking the time to share ours with us,


They've already given us hours of amusement....from watching how the cats are behaving (badly!), to watching the going to bed (or not) antics.


I'm so lucky that I can see eveything from the kitchen window. I can see that very little will get done in our household over the next few days as we report back to each other what they're up to now.


Thanks again for your support

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ooh lovely!


The cats will soon be so scared of the hens, they will give them a very wide berth. Sooner or later they'll be out free-ranging, the cats will be out, a chicken-rustling attempt will be made ... and the cat(s) will slink away in fear and trembling!


What a great run you have got, too.

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Sharon@ Gould Life Poultry -she had some stunning chooks and I know I wouldn't be able to resist if I went again,


You are so right Helen. I had to go on my own, and I was soooooo tempted to get two hens while I was there (after all, it would make it fairer when I introduced them all, wouldn't it?) But DH and I had had something of a disagreement some months ago about 4 hens, and I knew he would Not Be Happy if I casme home with two. He'd think I'd been planning it all along.


It was very hard to be strong though.


I think they would complement your lilac perfectly!

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