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Helly Welly

I'm buying a wheelchair on Saturday! WOOHOO!!!

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When i went to London during half-term i borrowed wheelchairs in the museums as it was far too long for me to be on my feet/crutches. I have Hypermobility Syndrome and can no longer walk without cructhes and even then i suffer from severe pain.


I'd never used a wheelchair before...it was fab!!! I could get around really easily and quickly,l could look at everything without needing to rest all the time and i didn't need to rest once i got home as i normally would.


So, on Saturday i'm off to buy my own. I could probably get one on the NHS but i want a lightweight one so i'd rather buy one and have the choice. I won't use it all the time but still, i can't wait.


I'm also looking to convert my trike to electric so that i can cycle on the school run. There is rather a steep hill on the way home whcih i can't cycle up but with a motor it will be a lot easier.


Life is about to get a bit more easy for me 8)

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Hi - have you tried using the shopmobility scheme? I have M.E and my life got a whole lot more brilliant when I started using mobility scooters. The one I have now cost £150 from ebay, but I use one belonging to shopmobility when I go into town. I'm only 33 and get some funny looks sometimes as I'm not an old lady, but it really has changed my life.

I'm really glad that you're not too proud to use a wheelchair. I kind of put my life on hold when I was first ill, and only saw the things I couldn't do, rather than thinking about how I could do them. I use a wheelchair when I go to concerts etc where a scooter isn't usable - people give you funny looks when you get out of it though! I don't think that most people have any concept of people using a wheelchair who can actually walk a bit. My husband has a habit of doing embarressing things like saying " hallelujah, she can walk" when I get up to go to the toilet.


Also be prepared for people to think that you are brain dead and to talk to whoever you are with instead of you. (I hit my husband once when he said "give the money to the nice lady" at a till !)

Good on you and have fun. :D

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I saw a fantastic wheelchair bumper sticker last week that read:


"I am sat on my bum, not my brain" !!!


Really hope the wheelchair makes a positive difference to you, it'll be brilliant for you to have the freedom of getting around without the pain :)

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Glad you are getting your own chair, Helen - they are great aren't they. :D


It is strange how differently people react to a chair. :?


When I first got one, I felt like you - thrilled with the freedom it gave me to live my life. I remember hauling it out of the boot that first day & then whizzing across the parking lot to the grocery store, cackling gleefully like a maniac! Whheeeee!!!!! :lol::lol::lol:


My husband finds it quite difficult to accept a wheelchair - I think for him, it is more a symbol of what has been lost - without the experience of relief & giddy freedom that it provides for me, to temper his perception.


Get yourself some fingerless bike gloves - they have padding in the palms- invest in the best quality seat cushion you can afford & have fun! WHHEEEEE!!!!!! :D:D:D

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Good for you! I'm not being flippant, I'm sure anyone who uses one would prefer not to need it, but once we persuaded my mum to use one occasionally it made life so much easier in lots of ways.


We didn't worry about her getting tired, if I went shopping with her I could load all the bags onto her lap or the handlebars, and I used to love pushing it as there is a huge sense of moral superiority. :wink: How dare you get in my way - can't you see there is a wheelchair user here! Bluewater Shopping Centre became a delight, rather than a chore.


It also meant flying abroad was a doddle - right to the front of the queue!


My brothers and sisters and I bought one between us, mainly for my dad, but also used by mum. Since then it's been used by my SIL when she broke her leg; then it was loaned to a friend who was temporarily in plaster, and last year my nephew broke his ankle really badly, so it came out of storage again for use by him. We've really had our moneys' worth.


I'm glad you can see the positive side of this, I hope it will transform your life.

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I forgot to mention that quite a lot of venues (theatre/ music) will give you a companion seat free and you quite often get some of the best seats if you are in a wheelchair. I would be completely unable to go without a wheelchair because of the queuing/ walking etc.


I also have an electric bike. (a Giant suede) and it makes cycling accessible too. It does 80% of the work, and I can beat hubby up hills!!!!! 8)

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Yes thanks, had a good look in three shops but went for the cheapest in the end. It was actually the most comfy, just a basic model but as i'm not in it all the time i didn't need it to be flashy.


Of course, i then spent all afternoon asking to be taken out where i could have a go with it, like a child with a new toy! :lol:

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