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getting a cube..what colour?

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Congratulations - isn't it exciting! Purple seems to be the 'in' colour at the moment. I think delivery times are currently between 3 and 4 weeks at the moment. Certainly it was just shy of a 3 week wait for ours (only 11 days to go now :D )

Mine was only 2 weeks so they can be quicker. :wink:

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(cube purple) is 8)


I rang up last Wednesday, just to enquire about how long it would take. They said I could have it delivered on Tues 25th March, which is just about four weeks, as they had a van coming out this way on that day - otherwise it would have been nearer to six weeks.


I was still dithering, but that helped me decide to go ahead and order there and then! And Omlet will assemble it for me, even though I didn't order any chooks.

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your garden is SO big!


You are right - blue and orange look very 8)


I really love the orange eglu - thats why im not parting with mine - my chooks love it aswell - they will only lay in the orange one :roll:


I ordered the purple cube today.


Bet you're excited now!! :lol: Good combo purple and orange 8)

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