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Eglu arrived and hens taken up residence

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Hi All,


You asked for pictures and so here they are (if I get the links right !):-




Just after construction by the nice man from Eglu.




Henny and Ebony just having taken up residence




And a close up of them both.


They haven't been in the eglu yet, although we are about to try and get them in as it is getting a little dark now.


They seem lovely, we are such proud owners, we will keep you updated and ask for help as I am sure we will need it !!!


Thanks for all the helpful advice, much appreciated...


the two C's

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It's soft wood chippings, not bark. We didn't want to put it directly onto grass and we had an area of gravel next to our path that was almost exactly the correct size for an eglu plus run and wasn't really being used so we simply converted it, using the basic instructions on this site.


We have also got some easibed to put in on top of the chippings.


We got our soft chippings from B & Q , but i'm sure there are others that would sell it.


Our girls seem to like it, and look quite happy, although they were not really sure this morning with the snow !


We have also bought a winter cover, as most people seem to advise trying to keep the run dry(ish).


Hope that's of some help ! - We are hardly experienced :think:

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