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Chicken bullying

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In a simliar situation.

We bought two Wuandotte Bantams, Dottie and Winnie. They were fine, noticed that dottie was more dominant and tended to chase Winnie around a lot. We knew this was just them sorting out the pecking order. Got 2 more hybrids today, Bettie and Ginger. All was calm to begin with, although they did squabble a little ove rfood, but in the last few hours, Dottie has kept the new chooks confined to the Eglu, and every time they take a step out, she squawks, pecks violently and chases them back in again. Its such an awful sight and we are so concerned what will happen when they all go to bed together. We dont like the thought of the new birds being left out as they are the most lovely placid chickens we've ever had, whereas Dottie was always a bit of a bully, although Winnie is quite sweet and means no harm. What to do?!

Essy x


The Flock!

(purple eglu)

Winnie (Bluebelle) Wyandotte Bantam 27/5/09

Dottie (Little Motherclucker!) (Bluebelle) Wyandotte Bantam 27/5/09

Bettie (white chicken) Merrydale Sweetie 29/5/09

Ginger GNR Merrydale Ranger 29/5/09

Rollo the chicken-hating Basset Hound

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I have a couple of bullying hens too! I took one of my old girls out because she was poorly but after about 4 days she seemed to have picked up no end so I put her back in with the others. Well.......these two nearly killed her and now she won't leave the house (which is, luckily, a stable so she has lots of room). She spends all day on the perch bless her and just gets down to feed and drink when the others are all outside. I also put 6 new hens in with the old ones (I have 20 hens in total) and the same two keep having a go at a couple of the new girls. I keep hoping they will settle down and tomorrow I am going to hang some distractions in their run (cd's etc.). I get so cross with the bullies because they have so much space and have such a lovely life being pampered by me and this is how they behave! But, thats chooks for you eh?

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i took 3 ex battery hens in November 

may first one bullied the other two she is top hen no mistaking but she just gives a little peck here and there to maintain her status 

the trouble I have is that the other two got on well for the first week or do but now one of them angel 👼 bullies baby every chance she gets. So much so Iv had to take baby away at night and separate their run else I can’t leave them alone 

I just don’t get it these two were fine at first and angel know she’s not top hen so what is her problem 

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