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Oh has always said we don't need a cube but i think we do as i'd love a few more hens!!! Last night I was clearing up and found a receipt of his from a cycling company for the sum of £458!!! He'd only bought a few bits and bobs! I said with that money I could have bought a cube as that's my hobby and to my surprise he said 'you could'!!!!!!!!!Yipeeeeeeeeee!!! I can have a cube. :D:D


Now I don't know what colour to buy. I already have a purple guinealoo and an green eglu. I hate orange, pink and red so purple, blue or green it will be. I think I like blue but I haven't seen a blue cube. Anyone got a picture of one??????

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I think I'm boring with colour! My whole house is parchment and my wardrobe of clothes is very blue/beige. I'm not adventurous or brave enough for orange, I'm now questioning blue may be too blue!!! I may have to go green!!!!!!!!!!! Not too sure . . . . . . Thank you all for your photos.

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