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Life on Mars repeats starting tonight!

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Oh great, everyone raved about it at work, so I'll be watching...I watched a couple but missed the majority.




The main storyline is about a detective who goes into a coma. While he is in his coma he goes back in time to find himself as a cop in the 1970's. Of course being from the future he knows how some things will turn out. Occasionaly he can hear the bleep of his life support machine and nurses talking etc.....while he is on a case being a cop.


Of course for us oldies, it's a real blast from the past as we can remember the fashion and cars and wallpapers of the 70's!

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I wanted to watch this first time round, but never got round to it. Unfortunately whilst flicking through channels I ended up watching the last bit of the final episode, so I know what happens.


It looked really good and a few people watched it at work and said it had a few good references to the seventies.


I can't remember the seventies as I am much too young :roll::roll:


PS Is that you laughing Dan :?::?:

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