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Are we doing something wrong ?

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Hi All,


Are we doing womething wrong ? everything seems great but we have no eggs yet !


We have the girls now for just coming up to 4 weeks and no eggs, Ebony (the pepperpot) has good large red wattles, henny (the ranger) we know is younger but even her wattles seem to be getting larger and a darker colour.


They seem really happy, love treats, like being handled (especially henny), like ranging when we are in the garden.


We were just wondering if we have missed something? or should we just wait a little longer?


The 'omlet' man said he thought that the pepperpot would be ready to lay in about 3-4 weeks and the ranger a week or two latter. does that sound reasonable ?


Ohh and BTW we also have two more hens now !!!! we got them from Merrydale poultry - who were brilliant !!! :D :D and come strongly recommended


So now we have in Ivory (sussex) and Latte (Sweetie), they settled in really well with the other two.


As you may guess - we love them (Better half is already planning a cube !:roll: ) but we would love some eggs


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I had to wait nearly 3 months before Shirley graced us with an egg! :roll::lol:


If their combs are largeish and red, I would think they should lay soon. Are they squatting at all when you approach them? Another good sign.


Maybe they are laying somewhere else? Do they free range?


hope you get some eggs soon and congrats on the new girls!




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Just hang on in there Purplemaniacs! I'm sure they will lay really soon. I started getting impatient just a few days after Clarabel, our Pepperpot, started crouching. She kept us waiting nearly two weeks, but has laid an egg a day since Easter Monday.


Annie, our Gingernut, laid her first egg this morning, so not long after Clarabel!


Maybe tomorrow will be the day...

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Good news about your two new hens! 8)


Seriously, if they are freeranging, they may have made a nest somewhere in the garden. I found a dozen in a half barrel one day :oops: I thought they'd all gone off lay at the same time! Try keeping them shut in their run for a couple of days, also a fake egg (or golf ball) in the nest box might show them where to go! :D

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