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How many in a dust bath?

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I get the litter tray from a local supplier - got a new one yesterday at a cat show in Preston (where I was judging the household pets section) so the girls got the bottom half of the old one. Yes, I have two Magpies, Gina and Pina, neither of whom have layed yet though Pina is reddening up nicely - I think she may be the first of my Italian girls to lay, with Bella the Bluebelle not far behind at this rate. Rosa, my Amber Star and Gina. the other Magpie are a ways behind them yet.

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Four of my Five older girls are in the dustbath in this picture. with all of my Italian girls wonderng what is going on - they did get a chance to try it out later! :)



Two of the newer girls have much redder combs and wattles than the others - I'm just hoping that if the weather continues to warm they will lay soon. Had 1 egg today from the 9 of them :roll::roll:



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