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Guest Poet

pics of me and Bea having cuddles

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Aaww ! lovely! she kept so still for her photos, and not a chicken poo in sight ( or is it hidden under the towel ? :lol: )


she is disabled, one duff leg, the other swollen so she doesn't move much anyway, just hops a bit. That's why I bring her in sometimes for a bit of a fuss :D


She did one little woopsy when I picked her up to take her back out but it was only a little one, quite dry, easily picked up with a bit of kitchen towel ;)

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ah how lovely, she must be very content & happy.

Bless you all.


Ms Tillyschooksrunamileexceptwhenihavehandfulofmixedcorn


I hope so Mrs T :D thank you

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... Will her legs get better?
We were told she'd seen a vet who said there was no treatment for what she's got so I don't think she'll get any better unfortunately :(
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