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The Managing Director

When do you decide a cat is missing??

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So the new hens and blue eggs have been keeping us very busy but all weekend there has been a nagging worry which we have been trying to rationalise, our lovely black cat has been gone since friday we're new to cats but that seems a long time, so please cat owners should we panic yet :?::?:

He has been a bit of a stop out before and I met a neighbour last week who told me he often spends an afternoon with her but she was away all weekend so he's not there, I know there are tales of cats with a home for each day of the week and am trying to take comfort from that but :(:(


When we first got the cats ( a story of extreme insubordination on the part of the underling who was left in charge of the school run for one afternoon, I came home to find the chief assistant reading a book called 'how to look after your kitten') I really thought they would leave home first chance they got, what with the German Shepherd who carries them around in his mouth and the children who dress them in dolls clothes but they have seemed very contented and we all love them to bits (although Mischief is feigning disinterest in his brothers whereabouts)


Please give me some cheering thoughts and any suggestions, he has a collar but he'd lost his tag and he's not microchipped and I feel quite at a loss as to where to start looking



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Hi the first thing to do is ask neighbours to check garages and sheds, the amount of cats that wander into a garage or shed and fall asleep only to wake up when they are locked in is unbelievable. Secondly if you have a pic of him print off some leaflets and ask local shopkeepers, newsagents etc to put one in their window. You can also post some of the leaflets through neighbours letter boxes, ring round local vets and see if a cat has been handed in, put an ad in the local paper and lastly ring local radio station and ask if they will put a lost message out, although not many do this nowadays. If the school is near ask if you can put a poster up there as well. Has your cat been done!(the snip shhh) could he be off romancing the local she cat if there is one on heat. a weekend is not a long time if he is in love :D . The last resort is to steam some fish with the back door and windows open or , now don't laugh, this worked when my siamese went missing, ask the other cat to go and fetch him home. Tell the other cat he can't find his way home and would he go fetch name cat home :shock: yes it really worked for me 2 hours later siamese was brought back. Siamese now madly in love with her night in shining armour. Let me know how you get on. Hugs x

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Oh dear. They are a worry, aren't they. We don't own cats, but our neighbours had a brother and sister kitten who are adorable and Magnus went missing when she was 6 months old, just fairly soon after our neighbours were brave enough to let them out. Days went past and they feared the worst, living very close to a railway line. I even rang Railtrack for them as they couldn't bear to hear any bad news.

Then they found some fur in their garden, adn really believed that maybe a fox had got it.

Anyway, after 8 days :shock::shock: she just wandered home, looking sleek and well.

They never did get the the bottom of the mystery, and she has never done it since!

Fingers crossed for you: It is getting so much lighter and warmer, he might just be out a roaming!

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I can't give you any tips on getting him back but can pass on a cheery tale of my cat of many years ago missing for 15 days and came back, nose pressed against the back door one afternoon when I had gone home from work early feeling poorly, such a surprise - a good one obviously. Checked her out at the vets next day and apart from being a bit thinner, all ok. Vet thought she may have got stuck inside somewhere near. ( there were factory units all around where I used to live then)

So.... a happy ending. Here's hoping yours is too!

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I hope your cat has returned by the time I write this.


We had a cat, who was the only pet in the house, then we got a big scary black dog - the cat left home for 6 months (I think she was punishing us for having another pet to look after), and went to live 8 doors away.


Out of the blue she came back one day (obvisously thinking she had punished us enough), and lived quite happily with us again, and the big black dog for 12 more years. Maybe your cat is just jealous or your new chickens?


This winter we've also had somenone elses cat lodging with overnight - we think he was shut out, and it was so cold he just wanted somewhere warm to sleep (the big dog and other cat didn't seem to put him off either). The thing with cats is that they use you for food and cuddles when it suits them!


I hope it's back now, if not definitley try the local vets and neighbours as already suggested.

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If he is an uneutered male I would leave it a bit longer as he is probably out on the tiles :wink:


However is he has been snipped,then I would start doing the things that furball has mentioned.

Ask your neighbours to check in sheds etc.


Our lovely cat Pip who is no longer with us used to have to be evicted from the back of The Hubbys van if he was loading up,before he went off to work!

They do seem to love new & interesting places to explore,& I really hope he is found soon :D

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I have had lots of cats wander off for days at a time :shock:


The last time Mr Chips was off for 3 nights and I did the whole poster thing and the next morning he was back I think he was locked in a shed which isn't surprising as he has been locked in mine several times and even the car twice as he is a nosey little sod :roll:


It definitely pays to ask the neighbours especially if it is an uncharacteristic absence :?

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The Managing Director has pointed out another reason I am still only a Deputy Assistant.


Having phoned the Moggery at lunchtime she has now recovered Chaos ("Oh - you mean Texaco") who had been kidnapped (rescued they call it) after being found playing on the petrol station forecourt.


He is to be confined at night for the foreseeable future. What his brother will think about this (probably joint) sentence is still to be discovered.

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So it is with some relief that I can report that Chaos is home safe,he had to spend the afternoon in a cat carrier so he is a bit disgruntled but he has a new collar and tag and will be microchipped asap.


So thankyou everyone for your advice and words of comfort, the Underling was of a mind to just wait and see if he came back but I took your advice and tried the local vets and on the 3rd number got lucky, the words 'that sounds like Texaco' could not have been more welcome as that is the petrol station across from us.


He is currently ensconced in the Chief Assistants arms and doubt he'll get out of them today


anyway :D:D:D

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