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Look what arrived today !!!!! So pleased

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No sure if this has been on here before but anyway......

Look what arrived today!!! :dance:

So excited....no more moving eggs about, oldest will always be the first to be used from now on....they company make a bantam eggskelter too. BRILLIANT :clap:


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Love theegg-skelter. I have quite a cool one (but harder work - ie.e. have to move eggs around.


Would show a picture but being a technophobe - can someone direct me on how to insert an image please. I have a picture on the gallery.



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I've just found a disadvantage of the egg skelter :shock: Mine has been sat on my worktop with Elsies' one egg on it for all of 28 hours and I've just noticed that every time my boys walk past it, they roll the egg from top to bottom ! I've told them they musn't and that the poor egg will be scrambled before it's cooked, but they say ' it's too much fun ! ' :shock::lol:

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I just tried clicking on the link and nothing came up. I wonder if they are no longer being produced. Looks like a great product though.


They've only been making them a few months, they are probably making more as we type! The link is working for me, but the website is still in it's infancy.

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