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Success !!! Ebony Lays First Egg

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Hi All,


Ebony layed her first egg on Friday :D:D weight of 46g, brilliant !


We waited and held our breath yeaterday and ....... nothing :?


We waited again today and ....... another egg !! :D:D:dance: (I know its silly but even as a Mr it's great :roll: this time 65.5g :shock:


One thing Chrissie has noted is that she (we are pretty sure its Ebony, not one of the others) is not laying her eggs in the nest box but on the bars.


Any ideas on how to encourage her into the right area ?

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Thank you for the congratulations. Henny Penny has just started crouching.


Thank you Egluntine and Snowy for the suggestions, I have put a couple of golf balls in the nest box, we will wait and see if Ebony lays another egg today and see if it is on the bars again or in the nest. Thanks for the advice.


I will let you know what happens :D



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