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Softies all of a sudden...

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One of my ex batts Margot has been laying huge double yolkers with really thin and wrinkly shells. Her last two have been soft which she has layed on the wooden slats. I have been giving them limestone and grit in their food. She is the only one with probs ....what shall i do? :?

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I have four new hens three lay perfectly fine eggs with shells and the fourth has just been laying soft no shell eggs I have gotten 5 like this so far and she is dropping them in the litter tray while sitting on the roosting bars not using the nestbox thankfully. Mine all have the same food and grit available I am hoping that this will resolve itself soon. Mine are young and just starting egg production keeping my fingers crossed. I read about a suppliment that can be added to their drinking water to supply calcium I think this may help if the hen is avoiding other forms of calcium. I have crushed oyster shell for mine. Other than making additional forms of calcium available I don't think that there is anything else you can do. How long have you had the hens? Good Luck

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