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Can a work day get any better than this!

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I get to work from home about 8 days a year - 2 a quarter - because I really struggle when it comes to doing the quarterly service charge journals, which are just rows and rows of long numbers. Anything over three digits long and I start to have problems; I write them down in random order, I can't read them properly etc :oops: , so I find it easier to work from home, away from the noise of the office, which work agreed to.


So today I am sat in my conservatory, using it as my 'office' with the girls free ranging round the garden and sunbathing right in front of the window I am facing out of, eating a gorgeous 'home grown' egg mayonnaise sandwich. If I have to work, then this is how I like it :D If only every day could be like this :lol:

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I do a bit of work from home now and then and love it.


If I get brain freeze I can log on to the forum for a distraction, or hang some washing out...or bake a cake.


I know what you mean about numbers. They do tend to dance around on the page don't they?

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My OH works in Reading but works from home 2-3 days a week. He has a mini office in the spare room so isn't disturbed too much. He actually finds it helps him to be able to just take a five minute break to feed the chickens or help me with something, he's more productive for it.


Its great for me too as he can take DD to sschool in the mornings if i'm not feeling too well.

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Yes, sorry but I can beat your day!!


My boss has sent me home (paid) this lunchtime as I have a chesty virus and she doesn't' want me passing it on to my patients.


I get home and open the post to find a large cheque from the Inland Revenue, as I overpaid tax 5 years ago and they have only just realised (which is faster than me as I would never have noticed!)


All I need now is for Nutmeg to lay me an egg and you will see my smile from outer space!



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I work from home as much as possible - I work from a "shed" in the garden (it is fully insulated, with electricity / broadband and double glazing and a carpet though :wink: ) I actually had to site it up the other end of the garden from the chooks otherwise I wouldnt get any work done at all!

As it is I spend too long gazing at all the wild birds.

I do get the ocassional visit from Eliza bantam who free ranges - she approves of the shed as she struts round it peeping and cheeping (the dogs are not so impressed at having to share their space with her!)

The best thing about working from home is the "commute" home :wink:

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