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Feeling rough but at least there's hope :D

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Well for over two weeks now I've been suffering from a really bad cold, that's been joined by a nasty cough and I haven't had a complete nights unbroken sleep since a week last Monday :(


I had to go to the doctors for another issue yesterday, and I've got Bronchitis, but she also noticed a wheeze on my chest too, something I've noticed for months due to smoking for so many years and she's given me an inhaler too.


I can't get the anti-smoking drugs I would like until I go through the Stop Smoking Clinic due to budgets (GP writes a script the surgery budget pays, the SSC writes a script and a government scheme picks up the tab :? )


Without too much detail the doctor has given me anti-depressants to tide me over the next few months as things have gotten messy in my head of late, and also finally getting some help from the NHS with her referring me for some counselling to deal with some major problems I've had to deal with over the last few years


I feel like there is some hope at the minute at least - this time last week I was at a very low point .


Thank goodness for the relief of the forum, it's such a good place to be :D




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Andrew - I don't know if you've ever been recommended to read the book

"Easy way to stop smoking" by Allen Carr. I've seen hundreds of testimonials from people who have stopped smoking this way. I stopped using the book as did my husband who smoked about 40-60 a day and had been smoking since the age of 14. The great thing is that you have to carry on smoking while you read the book, so it's not scary to start it. The best bit is that Neither myself or my husband EVER crave cigarettes.


Aside from the smoking though, I'm glad that you're coming away from the low point. Hope things improve.

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Hi Andrew, if you've got a chest infectoin, it'll drag you down and make everything seem so much worse, esp if you're not able to sleep so well; don't laugh, but get/stealfrom yr friend/whatever some Karvol capsules: they're for kids really, but they work well on grown ups; you break 'em onto yr pillow and get right in with the aroma.

Re the smoking, I cant help as I never have(polish that halo), re the anti D's, my best mate takes them as a resort to ease her rather difficult life sometimes, and they take the edge off for her; through her and how they help her,I've learnt to see the enormous plus they can give, as a "breathing space" to allow a person to "step outside and look back in, slightly detached" from the complications of the life we all lead at one time or other. I had them last yr, but didn't take them.think now, looking back, that I should have!

If you can get an author called Harriet Learner, she writes a series of books called the dance of anger/connection etc... she does talk some sense, and they're easy to read. (for me, anyhow, no long words).. It made me realise that what i felt was normal and that i wasn't odd. From the woman who sat in the GP's room weeping; he had ) idea what to do... Do they ever. If you can get to the library, get as many books out as you can, there may be one sentence that makes it all click; if not ,you can always chuck them across the room, and get relief tat way.

I'm so sorry you're going through it, everyone has their own limit as to what they can "cope" with, and it's a fine thread that snaps sometimes. try to take care of yrself physically, eat well and sleep lots.

hugs to you

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:) Tons of hugs, Andrew. Am so sorry you've been feeling rough in every way, but I think you're doing absolutely the right things to find your way forward.


This is your time now; if you follow all those routes you've posted about, then 2008 will be the year that is a turning point for you.

One day you'll look back and be glad that you dealt with it all now, and wonder how you ever felt so low.


Meanwhile, lots of friends here with you every step of the way, xx :)

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Sounds like you have got off the bottom of the snake and are climbing the ladder again - it's usually only at that point that you realise just how bad things have been!


I think anti-D's are brilliant - people have bad ideas about them, but if you broke your leg you wouldn't refuse to use a crutch while it was healing - and you wouldn't go on using the crutch when your leg was better. Glad you are getting some help, some sound advice above. Keep coming on here when you want a boost!

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Sorry to hear you are having such a horrible time at the moment. Hopefully things will start to improve very soon. I my experience anti-d's usually take a few weeks to build up in your system, but they should really help. I've had them a couple of times in the past, and they have always helped me just to get back on track.


Very Best Wishes xx

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