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Omlet Commune

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Hmmmmmm, what can i offer to the island? Well I work doing state pension forecasts at the moment so I could be a kind of retirement planner advisor sort of person. Also I am going to back to Uni to study Crime Scene Science this year, so I could be the law enforcement too! Not that there would be much crime on the Omlet island I'm sure.


I would also probably start an underground anti spider rebellion. :twisted:

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I'm assuming there's not TV in our commune, so all this music is going to be fantastic. Camp-fires (so that those who like tents are happy! :wink: ), barbecues and lots of music. I can see jazz bands, wind bands and choirs emerging. We're going to have such a good time. I can't wait!


I love the Isle of Wight too - is it up for sale already or do we have negotiations ahead of us? :wink:

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We're in

Paul can be the postman :D

I can carry out risk assessments and ensure that no one is at risk of injury (I can also deal with any outsiders that dare try and sue (just set Minky on them)

We can also be the official wine tasters :wink:

I can play the trumpet in any band

I could also be an ideal model for any eglu bum sized clothes that need making :oops:

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Well, all my skills will just be reproducing other people's - especially in the cooking, sewing, knitting, gardening, animal husbandry theme :(


But I can help people with breastfeeding 8) , and I think I could run the library - I like reading and cataloguing things :D

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Just caught up with this thread.


Wondering what skills to offer :? Used to be a childminder so I could run a creche for the wee ones too young to go to school. Don't mind ironing. Also put me down for kitchen duties.

OH is an elecrical engineer and with a bit of re training maybe set up wind turbines or solar panels. Also swimming coach and football coach so could be PE instructor.

Son Jack will be paper boy, delivering the Daily Omlet Newsletter, Practical Poultry magazine and Country Smallholder.

Natalie likes dogs and will take Minky for walkies.

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I'm surprised grd hasn't signed up...All these women offering their "services".....

grd don't you like the idea of an island with us all on? :roll::shock:

He obviously coundn't stand the pace! :lol::lol:

Too much choice confuses me. :?

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I think I should come along and keep a journal for you all, we could have a weekly newsletter , maybe an agony aunt column (Lesley Jean) a recycling tips column ( *** suggestions please) a diet and health column (err ?Shona) fashion tips ( Choc chick) (you can be editor too if you like chocchick,curb any over enthusiasm for me :):) )


Oh and if anyone has toothache I can fix that too :)


Murdo is good at moving compost heaps, repairing garden walls and cleaning out eglus so he and Martin can form a team :):)


talking of Martin where is he today nearly lunchtime and still no sign and whats happened to Super Sean :?::?:

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