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Size of breed vs. eglu cube?

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I remember when I got my first chooks and an eglu Mk II that it was advised that the eglu was NOT suitable for large breeds. Does the same apply to the eglu cube?

Also what constitutes a large breed exactly (eg are Faverolles a large breed and therefore too big for eglus/cubes?

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I have cochins who are large girls (fluff more than anything) they are one of the largest breeds.


mine are absolutely fine in the cube. Saying that though I did have 2 quite happily in a mark 2 eglu, although I do have a walk in run. The eglu run is quite low for the large breeds and my cochins are quite tall which means they wont have any headroom in the eglu run.


For roosting only though I personally think my eglu is fine which is why I have kept one for a holiday home. :wink:

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