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Poll - Which breed would you choose?

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Okay everyone...


Having VERY SADLY just lost one of my original Omlet chicks (Posh - the Miss Pepperpot), I am now looking to boost my brood - for two reasons.


Firstly because having recently 'upgraded' to a cube, I have more room, but - more importantly


Secondly, because I reckon that some new 'babies' will lessen my sadness on the loss of Posh.


So, I would like another Pepperpot, but Omlet tell me they have none currently. I would however like to introduce a/some new breed(s). If I can time it right I would like a Pepperpot at the same time as two other 'birds' (same or different, I don't mind).


My criteria is pretty much 'entertainment' and 'eggs', so I ask of you all ... What Breed is Your Favourite .. and why? I am 'thinking' about a 'Faverolle', comments about that breed and the 'Dorking' would also be welcome.


So let me have it.


Your prefernce and why?


Oh, I should mention that Miss Pepperpot and Gingernut Ranger are assumed as favourites so are excluded from this poll.




Ps - My first poll, so I hope I have grasped the technology...

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Gaz, have you tried emailing Barbara to see if she knows of any local breeders who might have a Pepperpot type hybrid for you if Omlet are out of stock? Many of the breeders stock hybrids now and have Bovans Nera/Black Rocks. Some have a nice mix of pure breeds and hybrids which would make it easy to get all your hens at the same time.

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Thanks Kate.


I haven't approached Barbara yet, but I have spoken to Hayley and Jan at Omlet.


They gave me a list of my 5 closest breeders, but none were really that close. Those that I contacted - well the nearest actually - didn't suggest that Pepperpot or Ranger' were available.


I am visiting nearby farms this weekend but have also posted separately about how big a breed I can accommodate in the cube. I don't want any avoidable problems - obviously!


Would it be possible, perhaps, for me to get an Omlet pullet BEFORE they would normally release them? Just a thought that might help me to 'coordinate' my new additions.


Thanks, Gary (gazmomay)


Ps - I love chickens - hee (but so sad to lose one) :-(

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I am biased :oops: I find my cochins the most adorable chickens - to me they dont seem like chickens, very docile and friendly and tame balls of fluff.


other favourites on my list include -





Light and Buff Sussex

Silver Laced Wyandotte



I will have one of each one day! :wink:

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I do not seem - on my viewing - you have any 'poll' options. Have I missed something or just simply got the poll wrong?


I can't see a poll either, Gaz. If you have a look at this topic, it might help you get your poll sorted out. I can help if you like so just PM me with the info you want in your poll and I can sort that for you.

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