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Heat Wave!

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A heatwave is much better than a stinkwave thats been going around London lately....


You must be in South London Fred, it didn't waft its way up to the North :)



At first I thought it was the chickens, but when I went to Surrey(sp?) it smelled bad there too... I was used to the smell anyway :lol:

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Ooh yes please. My sponge of a lawn might actually dry out a bit.


Just goes to show...we're desperate for rain as the lawn has been really dry and it only started today :!: Our pond is down by 6" when it's normally full at this time of year. Is it possible to send your rain to East Kent please? :wink:


Oh gosh, no way. Yes I'll happily send mine over, I'll get the hairdryer out later and blow it over to you :lol:

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