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The council phoned today.......progress update

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Just a little update on how we are getting on..........


These were taken on monday, (apart from the first one) the batteries packed up in the camera so not all progress is shown and we planted lots after this :D:D



as was...



bin digging.




another view



spuds are in :D




The section beyond the spuds is now planted with Courgettes, red cabbage, onions and broccoli.


My new digging tools arrived today too. We had a quick play in the back garden and I must say I am very impressed with the quality and effectiveness of them.


I can't wait to try them out down on the plot tomorrow :D



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It's a bit addictive!


I even did a couple of hours BEFORE going to work one day last week!


Admittedly Cathy was going to London with the school and made me drop her off a 5.30am :shock:


All the 'established' old boys on the allotments who told me they were down there at six every morning were still nowhere to be seen when I left at 7.30 to go to work :wink:



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thanks guys :D , its been hard work, but the person who had it before us really looked after it, now mainly "big" weeds that we can pull out. got some of that horrible sticky stuff though - you know the stuff that sticks to cats :roll: and scratches you when you pull it up.


the rhubarb is the whole width of the righthand side of the allotment. :shock:


I really like rhubarb, but would take some dedication to eat it all :lol:


ill take some more pictures when we go this afternoon :D




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OOOh I love rhubarb!!!


We have two plants, but we can't cut any rhubarb off it until

it's 2 years old I'm told.




Rhubarb is so expensive in the supermarket too.


If the growth is good I might try taking a few stalks this year, but only for next few weeks and then leave from the end of the month



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We have only had a quick go with them. They are certainly quicker than spades and forks and seem a lot easier on the back.


They are fairly heavy and I think there is a knack to using them.


I have a feeling they will be heavy on the forearms and you might end up with arms like popeye which is better than wrecking your back I suppose.


We will take them down the plot tonight and test them properly.



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The "no sheds" rule is probably to deter vandals.


Other allotment groups have found that vandals are attracted to any structure, whether its to attempt to steal the contents or just do damage. No structure, nothing (much) to tempt them.

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just been and used the fun tools (forgot the camera :oops: - have to go back tomorrow)


anyway, planted sweetheart cabbage (24 :shock: of them)

sprouts (at least i think they are sprouts (20 of them :D )

and 6 strawberry plants, that will be in "strawberry central" - gonna let them do the spreading thing :D


anyway, just a warning, it could smell interesting around here :lol::lol:




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Well I can vouch for the new spanish diggy things.


But there is definately a knack to be learnt.


If you try too hard it hurts your back as much as digging does and your forearms ache like crazy.


You would be far less likely to do serious back damage as it is a stooped over too long thing rather than the something just snapped feeling you sometimes get with spade work.


The good news is once your back and arms start hurting it seems to automatically train you into using it properly and then it is an absolute joy to use.


It does tax your upper body a bit but you can change styles to ease that, something not possible with a spade.


The lighter one is by far the best.


To give an idea of how fast they are, the area I rough dug with a fork in about 3 hours, i managed to reduce to a resonable tilth in about 30 mins and went over it three or four times.


So whilst they aren't the automatic easy life digging tools I hoped for they are certainly better than using spades. I was tired in an aerobic exercise kinda way rather than the can't stand up anymore kinda way.


For clearing rough ground there is nothing better without an engine in my opinion, roots, brambles and the like wouldn't stand a chance.


We should have planted some spinach though :wink:



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Well it's been a while since I updated this thread so here's some more photo's of the work in progress

As you can see I now have some raised beds.


Japenese Onions growing merrily in the first one


extreme close up


the last of this years leeks


three beds at the top


apsaragus bed is going to go along the fence where the weedy bush is


And finally the compost heap is underway, I ran out of pallets.



The other side of the plot is mostly under plastic. My brother is going to sort that side out hopefully. If he doesn't get his finger out I might have to evict him :lol:



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wow, your plot is humungous! :shock: I reckon the whole of ours is about the size of your side :lol:


You've done well, have you got any pics of when it was in full bloom? :D


we picked the keys up today for our plot so we're going shed hunting in the Jan sales :dance:

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