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Bittersweet weekend - River has had to be rehomed

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On Saturday morning we were treated to an incredibly raucous diaplay of crowing by River. She hadn't started laying so we were very worried this meant "she" was actually a "he". Phone up Frank from Thorne's, who confirmed this was the case and also made it clear poor River would be killed as soon as we took him back (they can't even allow returned birds back on their premises for obvious reasons).


As you can imagine, this was hugely upsetting, and we envisaged a traumatic hunt for a new home, as we live in a typical estate house and can't possibly subject our neighbours to a rooster. We were extremely lucky though in that we found someone local to us with a smallholding and a flock of about a dozen bantams, with a few cockerels in there and he agreed to take him.


So, very sad, as we have lost a pet - but it could have been so much worse.


Bittersweet day too, as it was the day that Luna and Pootle finally laid their first eggs. We've never seen bantam eggs before, and Pootle's are small, but perfectly formed cream ones, with no blemishes. Luna made us very happy too, as she is laying blue eggs!



Here is River on his last day with us, you can see his "rooster" posture


Hopefully he'll settle in OK to his new home and we'll go and visit soon.

As you can probably tell, I am still rather gutted :(



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Oh Adam, I'm sorry. :( I'm glad River was spared though.


Good news about Luna and Pootle, my 2 skylines came from the same batch as Luna and we have 2 different shades of green eggs, minty green from Yoda and olive green from Yaddle. :D


I assume Thorne's have offered you a replacement or a refund?

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Just an update: River is still in a separate run, but the other chickens can go up to him through his mesh (they all free-range all day, and can choose whether to roost in a tree or go into the barn at night, it's *very* nice).

He is apparently happy enough, but crowing a lot :oops:


Once he's let out, we've been told to expect him to "get beaten up a bit" by the other roosters, who are about ten years old and unlikely to put up with any cheek. Hopefully he will back down quickly though and enjoy his free-ranging. We'll go and visit either this weekend or the next.


My wife believes our remaining three chickens are actually more settled now he's been taken away. They move around a lot less in the Eglu at night, and today we noticed Pootle was on the highest perch with the others for the first time. Prior to that we'd never even seen her on the lower perch, she'd always sit on the floor when the others were up there.


So, it could be a coincidence, but maybe the close proximity of an adolescent rooster was bothering them a bit. The important thing is that they're certainly not pining for him.



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Just an update on River. We've been to visit him and he's doing well. He has a fantastic "chicken orchard" to live in (lots of fruit trees), with a flock of about a dozen bantams. They have a barn to sleep in, but lots of them roost up about 10' in one of the trees when it's dry. There are also peacocks in the same enclosure!


The other birds aren't really socialising with him yet, so he's a bit on his own. But he seems happy enough and at least he's not getting picked on. The owner says it will take a few more weeks or months before he's fully accepted as part of the flock.


We're very pleased anyway, as he's living a more natural (if less pampered!) life than we could have given him.



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