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crocs help needed

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Ross is a size 11, but i thought you should order a bigger size with crocs, so i ordered a 12,


They're huge.


I went on ebay again, and theres 11-12's ??? I want an 11, is an 11 an 11-12 , and a 12 is a 12-13. ???



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Hi - My hubby is a size 9 & if you order the cayman type then it's a uk size 9 he has. So it would be the same. I'm a uk 6 in caymans and it usually says M6 W8 on the bottom of mine.

I ordered some Nile crocs in fuschia yesterday from Taylors shoes (U.S) I went for American size 8, which would equal a uk size 6.

Today I have ordered a pair of grape cayman for me.

A pair of mango baya - for me.

Oh & a pair of sea blue baya - for hubby from Jellyegg.

I want some malindi's & some seafoam & cotton candy coloured crocs, but they are all out of stock everywhere! :(

Will have to get rid of some of my old colours that are a bit worn. Still got life in them, but I'm a bit bored with them now.

Anyone fancy swapping some lime green caymans womens size 6 ??



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I'd go for your normal UK size. I take a UK size 8 and buy size 8 crocs. on the bottom of the cayman it is written as M8 W10.


If I were you fairy&cake I'd send back the too bigger ones and swap them for the size below.

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Don't know if it'll be any help but my OH is a size 10 in normal shoes and his crocs say W12-14 M10-11 on the bottom.


I printed off the size sheet mentioned above, which indicated that I needed M6 W8, I am a size 5 normally, but they are too big really.


I ordered a pair from Jellyegg because they use UK sizing for ordering and they say M5 W7 on the bottom - they fit me really well :)


Also used the size sheet for my 10 year old son but again the size he came out as turned out to be too big :?


Good luck :wink:


Lisa P

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