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One Man Banned

Holiday at last

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Well it's been a long time in the offing, but today I finally get to have a week away in CenterParcs with Anita for our birthday week


It's been a challenging few months personally and I've had loads of support and comfort from my forum friends, and having this break to look forward to has really kept my spirits up as something to look forward to :D


So, with what seems like a mountain of food and booze :oops: more clothes than I think I'll need in a month than a week :shock: and that persisitent feeling of "I've forgotten something" :doh: we set out at about 0830 for Eleveden Forest in Suffolk :lol::D:dance:


Will have my laptop all week too, don't forget it's the first and second semi-final of Eurovision this week, another reason for a party for us :D


Hope everyone has a good a week as we're hoping to have




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:shock: - he's just told me that he doesn't do swimming...... :shock: ....


Only because I "sink", with my hips being set as they were when I was younger after my operations I can't get a good shape when in the water, so swimming is tiring, I like to splash about and will put the slides to good use ;)


Got the bikes hired for the week tho, got lots of cycling planned, walks too, spa day, line dancing, special evening out at the restaurant on Wednesday night and pony trekking too :D


About 2 hours away now - got a nervous excited knot in my stomach!! :lol:




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well thanks for your replies all, have to say that it's lovely here, the room isn't one of the newly refurbished ones tho :(


It's pleasant none the less and very clean, and just got outta the jacuzzi, had a few glasses of wine already and cooling off now - got a bit hot in there :shock:


Amazing isn't it, just a few hours away and it's like a different world, my head feels clear and I feel just so very happy right now :D




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Well we're back


Had a really good week, drank a little bit :oops:, partied hard on Wednesday night, ended up in a villa over the way with some guys we met when out - I strolled in at 0530am :lol: nice to meet lots of people tho.


The spa was wonderful on Thursday, so very relaxing so we're going to go again to spend the entire day there. Line dancing was erm...fun :D bit different to Salsa mind you.


And my highlight was the horse riding, on Stinky - he was so good and loved his polo's afterwards, and I got a kiss from a horse :shock: he really was a sweetie :lol:


A few photo's for you....


Me on Stinky



Anita on Bertie



Anita dressed for our birthday meal



And me too



The view from our lodge



The bath! It was heaven!!



Two regulars at our door....



Errol and Berol, the two feral cats that also liked to stop by and doze :lol:


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