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can someone with a mark 1 cube and retro fit do me a favour

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I have just been sent two retro fits-one for a mark 1 cube(didn't know i had a mark2!) and one for a mark 2 cube.I have fitted the "spout" retro fit for my mark2 cube .But i am wondering where and how the retro fit bit fits ontothe mark1(if you bought it earlier than march 08 i think it might be a mark1) so can someon take a photo of their retro fit on the cube please?


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Can you tell that I'm trying to avoid the work I'm supposed to be doing from home :wink:


Had my Cube since March 2008 don't know if it's mark 1 or Mark 2.






I don't know whether the above pictures of the fittings are installed correctly or not ?


Had the Retro Kit fitted for 2 weeks and since then we've had no rain to find out if it's working or not.

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