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Warning to LOL about.

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I just thought i'd pop on real quick.


We emptied our compost bin in our raised veg bed last month, and we have been noticing all these things growing in the rasied bedwhere we emptied it.


We forgot we put a huge cut-up pumpkin in the compost bin :lol:


We have about 50-60 Pumpkin plants about 10cm!!!!!! We have given some to other growers in the family! But if you want some , give me a shout Hahahaha!



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Ross just informed me, we have wild potatoes growing in the same patch too!!! LOL.


He emptied all the potatoe leafs in there. There must have been a spud hiding somewhere.


We are growing 5 melon plants too, from our own melon seeds that we got out of our melon. Not sure if it'll be hot enough though. It's pouring here!!!

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We always get loads of tomato, pumpkin and,butternut squash seedlings in our beds. At the allotment we have loads of potato plants from last years crop growing amongst our onions and carrots this year.


If you wanted them to grow they wouldn't :lol:

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