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HELP! Over dose of Flubenvet!

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Hi this is my 4th day of giving flubenvet to my girls, they have been so good having the grpaes...until today!!


I'm really worried now becuase Vala grabbed Mindy's grape out of my hand and now she has had 2 doses! What should i do? Will it harm her? Im so angry at her...there was nothing i could do...i tried pulling it back but she ate it so quickly :(


Julie x

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I had a look to see what the 'overdose' amount was as I was afraid of the same problem with one hen stealing another's medicated grape. I found a scientific paper that said they had given over 625 mg/kg of bird with no ill effects ...I worked out that it was around 10 times the recommended dose, so no worries about double dosing!

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I did the grapes method this time but am going to mix it in with their food next time as I'm sure it will be less stressful than trying to make sure each chicken has a grape with it on. My 8 girls turn into evil monsters when they see grapes :roll:

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