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Ideas for taming the girls please

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We have had our girls for three weeks too. They are ex-batts, the friendliest Barbara encouraged the other two to take corn from our hands by following her example. Chicken will now allow herself to be stroked, though she is not totally convinced. Miss Marple has always been the nervy one, she will eat out of our hands, but will not let us get near enough to stroke her. We feel that she will come around in time and to just be patient. :wink:


The treats which they love most are oatmeal and probiotic yogurt made into a porridge, i craftily added the worming pellets and they scoffed the lot. They were using their wings to elbow each other out of the way, their legs were at such a stance that they had alot of strength, you had to see it, it was so funny. Their other favourites are live mealworms and spaghetti, the spaghetti is the funniest to watch, its almost like a game of rugby, they steal it off one another and won't wait patiently to be given a strand each. They pelt around the garden and will leap into the air for it if its dangled. :lol:


I have offered veggies, sultana's and grapes, but so far they are not interested.


Oh, I must say they love popcorn too!

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Koojie, if you look online you can get mealworms much cheaper. Wiggly Wigglers does a deal where if you buy some every week (!) they will do 6 for the price of 5, delivered to your door. I buy them all Spring and early summer, to feed the sparrows, robins and blackbirds when they're nesting, and then I give the chooks some as a treat. Also 'Worms Direct' are good, and Nigel who runs it is always friendly and helpful.



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A friend recommended to me that in order to tame my chickens i should pick them up, when i could get a hold of them, and turn them over onto their backs and then rest them upon my legs whilst sitting down. You then stroke their bellies - this is done to gain their trust.


At first i was really unsure because it seems a bit extreme and well, odd, but i ended up giving it ago. Surprisingly after doing this a few times they became friendlier and i could pick them up with ease.


It worked for me but i understand that not everyone would like to try this method, if not, giving them tit-bits definitely works.


(green eglu)

PP - Babs

PP - Suse

GNR - Margo

Silkie - Cilla

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Thank you Caroline, I'll look into those - although I have 5kg coming from the other guy at the moment, he was still better than the garden centre! Had a problem with Paypal though, it kept saying I was already registered, but it was OH's e-mail address and not mine - we managed in the end, and he ended up with the bill sent to his mail address and not mine! :?


Jaack, I did that with our vicious rabbit - turned to putty in my hands and became the pottiest, affectionate bunny ever. I didn't realise you could do that with the birds too. I notice you said "when I could get a hold of them" . . . :lol: With the size of ours, I think I may have to watch WWW first for grabbing and tipping holds! :wink:


They need to be picked up so I can check for nasties that may lurk under the feathers and douse them with powder if necessary - or douse them anyway as a deterrent. At the moment we have been picking them up in the dark with the help of a street lamp at the bottom of the garden (much to their disgust). So perhaps a bit of Bach's Remedy in their drinking water to calm them down first might be on the books (with my girls I guess I shall have to control myself and not pour the whole lot in to knock them out completely!) .

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Pop in for a coffee and see them for real! Then you can show me how to grab them! :lol: I will have to blindfold you so you can't see my messy house! :lol:


Will do :lol: shame you haven't got time on Friday to stop as you could practise on mine.. they follow you around and very easy to pick up! Must make a definate date :D

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