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Not using grub and glug - newbie question.

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Hi everyone, I'm new here so please excuse the question.


We got three ex-batts on Saturday and they're settling in well but don't seem to be using their feeders. I put a plastic box of extra water out which I have seen them drinking from. However, they don't seem to be eating their pellets out of the grub and I've only seen them eat grass since we got them (and the odd slug!).


Help! I don't want the poor things to starve! Very surprised to see two eggs already and I've put a dustbath tray in their run which is being well used. Will they ever eat? And will they use their grub and glug? I've put some shell and grit out and I've seen one peck at that.

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dont panic :D the battery hens have been use to cages that they cant stand up in, and plus they are force feed with chemicals to MAKE them lay. because they have NEVER had this sort of life before they it will be very new to them and they will be quite wary, in time they will come and have a peck and then gradually they will get used to it, is it possible that you could put the "grub and Glug" containers on the floor with food and water in and see how they react, once they get use to it, raise it up to one level on your coop, and work your way up to where its meant to be! good luck

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