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Stopping smoking is easy I've done it loads of times!

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Well done Kev, hope you're feeling ok


I'm getting closer and closer to quitting, as since I got given an inhaler a few months ago I'm using it more and more to combat the breathlessness.


I got asthma earlier in the year but my GP won't give me a steroid inhaler until I am off the cigs. I too wanted to try Champix, but I don't think I'll be allowed just yet. They're worried about the side effects and contraindications with my daily pill I already take....could make things worse if you know what I mean.


Even more reason to quit tonight actually, for the first time in years I just burnt my lip on a cig, and now hate them!!


You're doing really well tho - hat's off to you!






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Hi everyone,


It's nearly six weeks for me now :dance::dance::angel:


The irony is that my local has just about finished it's new outside smoking area :roll::lol:


All that time I had to stand in the street like a leppar, and as soon as I stop they build a nice new sheltered picniccy type affair :lol::lol: It stinks though! :wink:


How are my fellow stoppees doing? Hope you are all still going strong.




(non-smoking highly tuned athlete)

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I thought this was perhaps a good place to tell everyone my little bit of news - Kev already knows :lol: BUT I gave up smoking on Friday night. So I've been officially smoke free for 49 hours now :lol: not much in the scheme of things but I'm really proud of myself. I've got patches which are really helping and know that I've got a very long way to go... but hey I feel fab about it and really positive.

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Thanks Kev :oops::lol: Yeah it feels great :lol: I've got a long way still to go but feel pretty good about getting there so long as I don't end up addicted to the flipping patches.


I've been smoking since I was 18 so that's 21 years of bad habits to break :shock: I have to say I've found it alot easier than I thought I would though so fingers crossed it carries on being this easy :pray:


Is there anyone else out there who is stopping at the mo? Good luck if you are :lol:

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Good luck!!!


Im like you i start and stop... gave up 10years ago when i got pregnant just like that, stopped for 3 years started again, gave up but started again 2years ago.... pah. I have patches waiting at the doctors i was meant to get on friday.... i guess i should go get them.


Whats this book everyone is on about?

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Hi Susan


Thanks for asking - It will be one month on Monday for me :lol: I'm officially on day 29 today :clap: I step down onto the next doseage on the patches from tomorrow so will probably be a bit more edgy than usual but am hopeful it shouldn't be too bad. The H2Q nurse is really pleased with how well I've done. My carbon monoxide reading has been consistently 2 units since 4 days after I stopped, where it was 20 before so it's really good to see the difference.


Don't really feel any better as I was diagnosed with pleurisy a couple of weeks ago which has left me more breathless than when I was smoking but hopefully that will clear up soon. Have bought myself some lovely aromatherapy oils as a treat which makes the house smell absolutely wonderful.


I think Kev will be coming upto 10 weeks or so now so he won't be far off finishing his NRT course. Fingers crossed he is still getting on really well with it.

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