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Mrs Frugal

Elderflower Champagne and Elderflower Cordial

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I despair - having made a lot of champers this yr and it has fizz (yaaahy) I decided to have some yesterday as its so hot. OH has taken to stripping (paint off the door not his clothes - he would be an elderly Chippendale - hes got the legs - maghogany coilour after hols :shock: ) but I digress. So served it chilled with a slice of lemon. ES who is 16 and has a sharp tongue for one so young - says " why is there a bottle of dirty water in the fridge" at this point I will add - its not dirty at all and is in a sterilised milk carton (been thro dishwasher) - explained patiently thro gritted teeth that it was Elderflower champers. ES then said he'd spotted bottles of stuff in spare fridge and thought I was going senile. :boohoo: At this point I wonder if it is worth being an ageing hippy with 4 feathery fiends who lay lovely eggs in the garden and the effort trying to grow organic veg which is at the mercy of the British weather. My back which isnt good after yrs of nursing and a recent fall on holiday is killing me this am - and yes I was on allotment yesterday - albeit kneeling to save my poor old back. Is it worth the effort or the excitment of a homegrown courgette when I could buy one up the road. I will now go and listen to the Archers whilst peeeling apples off the allotment and blackeberries . All sitting of course as back is sore.

Am I alone in my pain? Thanks for reading - fed up in NW London

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Just wondering whether my book has a misprint. It says use 8 LTRs boiling water yet yields 4.5 litres, I've left it to steep in the brewing bucket for 24 hours as per recipe but I have far more than 4.5 LTRs, am I doing something wrong? 

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