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Just wondering if anybody could recommend somewhere in the Cornwall/ Devon area where I can get all the bits and bobs I need before my girls arrive...


Reading through lots of posts, there seems to be an endless list of feeds, supplements, medicines etc. that I'm going to be requiring! :shock::?


I'm trying to work out if I'd be better off going to a local supplier or using a website... Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! :clap:

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im in Devon. Im not sure how far down in Cornwall you are but quite a good supplier is the Devon Traditional Breed Centre near Credition, they have beautiful chickens and a shop selling supplies aswell.


We get bits and bobs (feed, bedding etc) locally from Mole Valley.


I have also bought lots online and had it delivered, from Omlet themselves, Ascott Farm Supplies and the Domestic Fowl Trust (feed, supplements, flubenvet wormer etc)









I would recommend some good starting bits would be -


A good feed

mixed poultry grit

Poultry spice (tub lasts for ages and its cheap)

Flubenvet wormer (initial outlay expensive but I bought my tub in 2006 - still going)

Red mite powder (also lasts for ages)

Louse powder( also lasts ages)


We have collected other bits and bobs over the last 2 years and built up quite a big miscellanous collection of chicken bits (health supplements, etc). Of course this isnt essential but you just seem to end up buying bits! :D


We use aubiose/hemcore in our run and I'd highly recommend it. It comes in bales from most equestrian shops, farm supply stores.




if you go to the Devon Traditional Breed centre I would advise ringing them for stock details before making a special journey. :wink:

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Hi chelsea,


thanks so much for the suggested shopping list! :clap: It's very confusing knowing where to start - every time I read a post there seems to be something else I need to get! :?


We're only just over the border into Cornwall, so Crediton wouldn't be too far to trek - I'll make a trip to Mole Valley too...


Ooh - St. Minver too!


By the way - loving your (cube purple) !! Wish ours would hurry up and arrive... still got a month to go!


Thanks again for your help... :)

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no problem!


The DTBC at Credition is lovely (be warned lots of chooks to buy!) they have a farm shop and restaurant aswell so would make a lovely afternoon out.





Mole Valley sell organic feed, grit, hemcore, feeders and purple spray (which comes in handy for pecking, cuts etc).


let us know when your (cube purple) comes! (photos please) :D

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