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birds of prey

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I was just walking through my garden and startled a small bird of prey trying to lift off with a large pigeon it had just caught. Too small to be a buzzard I think (which we have in plentiful amounts around here) but didn't get a good enough look at it to identify it. It swooped down again a couple of minutes later, only to be chased away by one of my cats!


It got me wondering if my chooks (when I finally get them!) are likely to be at risk from attack whilst free ranging.


Has anybody had any experience of such a problem? :anxious:

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There is a sparrow hawk that chases the pigeons where i live... im not sure if they would chase a chicken tho...i always thought they like moving prey? Dont quote me on that lol. We also get kestrals but i havent seen one that near our house, i can hear them in the sky tho now and again.


Id be more worried about the cats....

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Sounds like a female sparrowhawk. I've got one close by and it's caught & killed a few doves where my beauties are. In fact I saw her plucking one on a wall with my beauties wandering about in the background :shock:


A chicken is far too big for a sparrowhawk.


ps Did you let the bird come back for her dinner?

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