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One Man Banned

Long time no see

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Hello all


It's been ever such a long time since I popped by, and find the place has a new look - just how long have I been gone :lol:


Things have been rather hectic here of late and with one thing and another finding time for my beloved internet and hours on the forum has somewhat passed me by.


It's all change for me at the moment too, just about to leave one job and hopefully start another (in Costa Coffee - heaven! :D ) along with Joe and me not back together just yet. I'm moving into my first pad on my own in a couple of weeks, nothing at all fancy but just giving us both a bit of space - but still coming round here to see my lovely laydees and Mollythecolly ;)


Along with having a new niece to spoil, and finding my mum another place as her council want her to move as she's "under-occupying" and spending a fair few weekends getting my old car back on the road its been a little hectic and I can't believe its September already :shock:


I hope you're all doing ok - I've come back to an obscene number of red arrows to go through, anyone fancy giving me a run down of the major highlights??


Hope to be around a little more very shortly


Much love




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I often think there's no such thing as a coincidence - others on here have said how they were thinking about you the other day, well I was looking through an old thread about half an hour ago, saw your name and thought that I hadn't seen any postings from you for a while and wondered what you were up to and here you are!!


Welcome back! :wink:

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Andrew, I'm so pleased to see you back...I've missed your postings, and have been wondering about your absence.

I hope all goes well with the new job and the flat, and I hope that things finally work out with Joe.

Take care....and don't leave it so long between visits next time...catching up on all those red stars are your penance for going awol...I'm not going to tell you what's been going on :shock: (largely because I'm struggling to keep up as well :oops::lol::lol::lol:

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