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One Man Banned

Long time no see

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Thanks for your good wishes all, I had a good read through of a load of posts now and yup, there are LOADS of new members!!


I've slowly been getting things sorted at the flat and hope to move in a week on Saturday, going to pick up a kitchen I won on Ebay on Saturday - £11.50! so got a bit more decorating to do in the kitchen before that can be fitted - one had best get ones' skates on! With that and finding bits and bobs for the flat it's been a busy few days.


The new job is brilliant, and I do get to have a few coffee's now through the day :wink:


Talking of new members, I was mowing a lawn for an old lady yesterday and heard a familiar sound when stopped for a cuppa, their next door neighbours have an Eglu!! :D

I wonder if the owner is on the forum..... :think: I won't mention the address, but your lovely neighbours jungle now resembles more of a lawn :lol: and I'll be back once a month to look after it from now on. Would be lovely to meet you.


So, going to have a few more coffee's before starting the day, and get ready for work at 11.


See you all later




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You'll find that there are about a million new forum members, so it's quite hard to keep up with the forum nowadays :) .

Absolutely! I'm here less now and its good to see a familiar name! It does all look very different, and I find it harder to feel at home because there's no way I can keep up with so many threads / forums / posts etc!


Didn't know about you and Joe: whatever happens I hope it goes well for you.

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Welcome back - I hope all works out right for you.


Are you coming to the market this weekend?


I'd love to but its moving into the flat this weekend :(





Remember to keep the kettle, your mug and brew easily accessible :wink:


Hope to see you soon!



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