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New mobile - advice needed

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I'm due a contract renewal in a few weeks and want to change my mobile - the one I have is ok but it crashes occasionally


It needs to be a really good music player, and have bluetooth so I can use it with my car stereo in place of an autochanger, but also have decent sized keys as I'm not that nimble with the keys and have big thumbs.


Not too keen on touch screen phones tho, as the Prada phone I had was a nightmare!


Anyone got any ideas?




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Hi 8)


You NEED a Nokia N95 - there is no better phone out there at the moment in my opinion :P

Its about 18 months old now,but all the guys in my local Phones4You still have them & just upgrade to a new one if their contract is up.

Its a nice phone to hold in your hand - not at all flimsy & nicely chunky,without being a brick.

Lovely proper keys too - my hubby has big hands & fingers & he finds using it really easy.

The music player is great, as is the camera ............ I would highly recommend it.

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Hm, the N95 sounds great, but I have no experience of that one. My son has the Sony Ericson 850i - brilliant for music! He's alays listening to it - can be used without headphones for handsfree listening, attached to headphones ot attached to a tiny pair of speakers for massive sound! :shock:

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I'm on my second N95 I had one of the first ones and it as a nightmare, had a life of its own, but despite this it was still a remarkable phone - the photographs it takes are amazing.


It died a few months ago, and I got another on the insurance and this one is much better. I think they've ironed out a lot of the glitches. The newest one, with the bigger memory (8GB?) in black is supposed to be even better!!


I've always had Nokias and loved them!

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