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Help needed - Idiots guide to Economy 7 heating

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I'm hoping to move into the flat I've got this weekend, and it's heated by those horrid Economy 7 heaters.


I understand the principle of how they work, by heating the bricks up at night, then releasing the heat through the day, but what's the best way to have them set up, when to have them on etc etc. It's a bit chilly in there at the moment as there's been no heating on for over a month but we finally got the electric meter changed to a proper credit one yesterday so can turn things like the heaters on!!


Can you folks offer any helpful advice?




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One of the houses I have just renovated has them, although I replaced them for a more modern radiator type but the still work on economy 7.

Economy 7 rate is active between 12:30am and 7:30am (it is always GMT and never changes with BST). So you have them plus you water cylinder to come on between those times, also good idea to set your washing machine/dryer at night as well.

You can put them on a boost during the day. The controller there had a boost button and you twist it round for anything up to an hour. The down side is the day time rate they charge is significantly higher than the normal electricity daytime rate.

Also some storage heaters have a convection system inside (just like a fan heater) which you can also use, there is sometimes a button on the side or under a flap on the top to turn it on.

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Hi Andrew,


Make sure you check with your energy supplier what times economy 7 is active in your flat, as it can vary between suppliers.


In my house, I have a radio controlled meter for E7 and it comes on at 23:30 and goes off at 01:30 and then comes back on again at 02:30 until 08:30.


Try and utilise E7 as much as you can i.e washing machine, dishwasher and tumble dryer.


I worked out that 1000 units of normal electric costs about £87 where as 1000 units of E7 costs about £39 :wink:


You may find that your storage heaters have their own E7 meter and will only operate when E7 is active. If that's the case, make sure you check that the rest of the flat also has access to E7.


Hope this helps





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