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Im sooo excited!!

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Hi scrambled,


Congratulations on your imminent arrivals - looking forward to some photies!


I noticed that you're in Cornwall too - did your cube arrive on the day you were expecting it? Ours is due on October 1st and I'm a bit concerned after reading other posts that it might come earlier than that... worried that I might not be around to receive it & we've waited soooo long!!! :anxious:

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Oh Scrambled, I remember my collection day! I was on the 16.30 to 18.00 shift and I've never known the clock move so slowly :shock: Find yourself a distraction or you'll chew your nails off to the elbows!


I had absolutely sworn to myself that I would be sensible and I wasn't going to be on their doorstep at 16.30 and would go later so I didn't get stuck in traffic, as it was a hot day and I didn't want the hens getting dehydrated in the car. OK, it wasn't 16.30, but only because I missed the entrance, so it was 16.32! And I'm supposed to be an adult ... :oops:


All the very best for Saturday and those eight very lucky girls coming your way - you know we will want piccies :D

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