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Good to be back!

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As the title says - it's good to be back! :D


Sorry I haven't been around for a long time but I've been busy growing a baby! He's out now and I have a sort of routine :? so a little bit of time to commit to my old friends at omlet - sorry I've been such a bad omleteer this past year or so. I have a super-duper little baby boy! :D:dance: He's called Zebedee and was born in July. I know I'm biased but he is really very handsome :wink: I'm a good green mummy and have been using washable nappies since he was about 4 days :angel:


Wowwee hasn't this little old forum changed and grown since the early days! Now it must take even longer to check it every day!


Sadly Mavis one of my original feathered ladies died a few weeks ago but has now been replaced by Flo a very sweet Devon Red hybrid and Dotty Lotty a lovely Maran. Got them on Saturday so still doing the introductions! Had forgotten what that was like :roll: Still have already had an !eggcream! from little Flo :D


Good to be back!

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