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beach chick

eating their own eggs???

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Hmmm I hadnt bargained for this :evil: Opened the eglu doors this am, girls tumbled out, plus an egg. I was just about to reach in for it, and noticed it had a small dented crack in one end. Before I could get it, they'd all fallen on it, and within about 10 seconds the whole thing, shell and all, had completely disappeared.


The last few days I've had only 1 or 2 eggs a day - from 7 girls who up til then were laying 5 or 6 a day. I was thinking it was either the winter slowdown, or a reaction to the fact that my mum fed them nothing but corn the week before last, or that they were 'laying out' which they havent been. On the other hand, I had seen girls going in and out, and having nothing to show for it. Now I'm wondering if I have cannibal chickens on my hands, and if so what can I do about it? - anyone else had this problem?


I've had 3 other eggs today, so my guess is I am just going to have to keep checking much more often and hopefully try and break the habit this way. grrrr.

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cant comment on them eating eggs, as i have none yet...however i did see a few posts that people were keeping egg shells, baking them and feeding them to their chooks for extra calcium..and i thought it a great idea, and was going too, until..


reading one of my favoured chicken magazines, an old chicken hand (excuse me if he reads this ) advised completely against this, as it can start chickens down the path of egg eating...



so if you were doing that, best to avoid it in future...


and other than that...sorry I cant help...I know someone else is sure to be able to though...

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My girls always eat any softies laid by my ex batt, it's gone in a second, same as any that are accidently dropped by clumsy me.


I did think they were nest raiding at one point, and asked the local chicken guy who said there was only one solution to it with a glint in his eye, needless to say, said chicken is still with me, I just have to be quick to get the eggs before she does!

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