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Anyone use Dengie medi-bed?

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I've used it

Am currently trying everything mentioned on this site in turn to see which is best.


Started with dust extracted wood shavings - not bad in the houe but goes soggy in the run and takes forever to compost


Wood chippings - (Kept shavings in the house) got wet and smelly in the run, quite slimey too. (Although at the time run wasn't completely covered. Takes forever to compost


Then I tried medi bed by dengie - medically treated so no-one eats it. Warm in the house, fine in the run and composts well. (Although some people have mentioned on here it could harbour red mite in every straw shaft. Possible, although I didn't experience any thankfully). Composts well


I'm currently on hemcore (Similar to aubiose)- citronella treated core sections from the hemp plant. - nice and warm in the run, soaks up squitty poos well, girls love it in the run (Although it must be covered as it'll soak up all the rain) I have found however, that due to the fibrous nature mixed with damp soil, 'bobbles' of mud encrust around my chooks toes so maybe a slab based run would be better. No soil, no problem, nice and dry. Composts well


Next on my list once hemcore runs out is easy bed - small soft wood chips.

All this has taken months as each bale takes AGES to go through. So far I'd say medi-bed and hemcore are the best.


Hope this helps

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I have tried medibed, aubiose, hemcore and easiebed! I like the medibed; I originally had it for my guinea pigs. Now we use it in the degus who adore it as they can carry it around to make their beds! I


I started with Aubiose and always go back to it. Wasn't so keen on the easiebed. it is woodchippings rather than hemp - much co"Ooops, word censored!"r texture and I found it stayed damp more. Tried hemcore. That was ok. Not such a 'clean' colour as aubiose (but that really isn't an issue!). Couldn't notice the smell of the citronella, but really only have Aubiose over it because there is a price difference for us at the suppliers. Aubiose is French, Hemcore British, yet the Aubiose is cheaper for us :?


I was concerned that the medibed might make them too hot inthe nest box when they were broody as it is a straw derivative. It is brilliant stuff though. I just find that the hemp bedding is a good allrounder for the chooks - in the nest box, in the poo trays and in the run.

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Just to throw another name into the mix I use Nedz Bedz, which is a straw derivative. The straw is chopped and cleaned from dust and parasites and then treated with tea tree oil.


I use this as my local farm shop doesn't stock any of the hemp based horse bedding, (I got that :? look when I asked).


I've found it really good so far, none of the girls eat it, the poos dry up in it straight away and it's only £6 for a huge bale. I only use it in the nest box though so I don't know how it would work outside in the run.


thinking about it though, there was a really muddy patch just outside my chicken feed hut that I keep slipping on, I sprinkled loads of the Neds Beds on to it to dry it out. It has rained on it and now it has dryed it has gone back to just the same texture, so I think that's quite a plus :D .

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I'm currently on easibed (well I'm not but the girls are!) only in the poo trays and nest boxes though. when I tried to buy it was actually the only horse bed stuff I could get, tho admittedly I bought it online because our horsey shops are a bit of a trek...


I prefer it to wood chippings - smells nicer.

cant answer the compost Q, have only been using it for a month. I agree though that wood chippings are useless for compost!!

I like the tip to try it in slippery places, may well try that as the winter worsens.

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I had Dengie Fresh Bed once and 2 of my Pekins ate it which gave them impacted crops which needed operating on.

It was a shame because it does smell lovely and it was an expensive mistake when my girls ate it.

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