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Help please!

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Hello all, got a problem with my Beryl. :( A couple of weeks she was off colour all hunched, so took her to the vet who was unsure what was wrong with her so gave her some antibiotics. She perked up a bit, but then lost a ton of her feathers. She seemed ok but just kept herself to herself. I assumed the feather loss was taking it out of her a bit, but this morning she was being attacked by the other girls, including her best pal???? :( I have brought her in to the spare room for a bit of peace, but I'm now worried when she gets her feathers and strength back she won't be accepted back into the group. Although i'm also worried that she might not get back to full health. What shall i do? Any advice will be gratefully received. Ps she has been wormed and has no parasites and is only just over a year old.

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Hi moonie, I'm not an expert about these sort of things but could it be that because she's under the weather the others are asserting their position over her? Hens can often turn on weaker ones in a flock. Can you arrange it so that they can all see each other but not get at each other? That would make things easier once she is stronger and ready to join your other girls.


I'm sure someone else with more knowledge will come along soon.


If she is moulting, extra protein can help, lots of people recommend tinned tuna, make sure it is thoroghly rinsed though.

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is she losing the feather or are the other girls pulling them off? did they bully her before she lost the feathers?

chickens are attracted to either bald patches or injuries on chickens, and peck at them (i cant remember why, think its something to do with getting rid of weaker chooks?) so if shes having her feathers pulled off invest in some anti peck spray

if shes moulting then maybe some purple spray?


im sure someone will come along soon with some better advice :)

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