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Omletina Kyckling

Crafty Weekend anyone - August 15/16 2009

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I've tried crochet & knitting in the round this weekend & can't do either. Crochet can't get past a chain stage & knitting on circular needles, I can't join it up. So they have both been put to one side. Maybe someone could show me how? Normal knitting on 2 needles I can do & I'm knitting a tomato hat at the moment! :lol:



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What a wonderful idea! I'd love to come if I may, date dependant (and if I'm allowed a weekend away once I'm married :roll: )


I haven't knitted for years and have never managed to crochet, but would love to get some tips on both. I mainly cross stitch and card make now.


Oh - and I'm also fairly hardy, can make do with sofa or probably borrow a tent and sleep with the chickens!

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:clap: That is a really lovely idea. I would love to come to the craft weekend if it happens to be on a free weekend.


I do crochet mainly, although I can knit. I have seen that quite a few people would like to learn to crochet, and as I am left handed this might be useful for other left handers.


I have also got a knitting machine, which when I mentioned it on the forum this week some people showed an interest in it. I could bring it so that people could have a go.


As for accommodation, I could borrow my daughter's tent and bring a sleeping bag, the tent is big enough for more than one.


If we are able to do this, do let us know what we could do or bring to make it easier for you so that you can enjoy it as well.


Many thanks



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Thanks Egzandra - I'd love to have a go at machine knitting. I can help any hand knitters to make up their own designs, and if anyone wants I can also help with drawing and painting (watercolours, oils... but oils can get messy and I'm sure Ms Kyckling likes her furniture the colour it is :wink: so perhaps we stick to yarns...) Regarding accommodation I'm fairly local in Milton Keynes so I can go home in the evening and come back in the morning.


I'm really looking forward to this. :clap:

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Please may I join you?


I'm a much better buyer of craft "ingredients" than I am actually doing/making anything though... :roll:


so whilst I probably won't be able to teach anyone to do anything, I would be bringing a spare bedroomful of s"Ooops, word censored!"booking/cardmarking stuff that you can all use :lol:


I would be really grateful if someone would teach me how to knit in a circle and crochet.


Thanks, Alison

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On the basis I have nothing booked for the entire summer holiday as I am finding it difficult to get a dog & chook sitter, I am free either. I hadn't voted on any of the dates as I was free for all...was awaiting a final decision!


I asked what DH thought of me escaping on an Omlet crafty weekend & he said yes - just tell me when & I'll be there with or without tent etc!!


Sha x

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