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Anyone else run their own business from home/work from home?

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Just wondering how you anyone else copes.


I had a meeting yesterday at home. My childcare was canceled so I had my daughter was at home (16 months). Not a big problem as it was afternoon nap time. However, her bedroom is above the office and she wakes at the sound of my voice. So, the meeting went ahead in the lounge.


The meeting was going very smoothly, when, Rosie and Princess suddenly appeared at the patio doors tapping like crazy. The poor man nearly hit the ceiling. I don't think he had noticed the chickens up to that point.


Joking aside, I've been doing this for 3 years now and some times it gets me down. How do you stop yourselves from going and tidying when you should be typing. How do you get the rest of the family to respect your work space. I am currently at my desk looking at

-1 tambourine

-1 gameboy

-a teething ring

-a tippy cup

- a little handbag

-200 unused post it notes stuck to the desk


-today's supply of school letters

This is a good day!!!

Any tips on how to keep my sanity.

Donna (cube blue)GNRGNRPPPP(Bluebelle)(white chicken)

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I studied at home rather than worked at home, but I did have to write myself a daily time table (and stick to it) to stop myself going off to do the washing when I got bored with work.

That way, I only did "home" jobs during y lunch hour or "after work".


But it is hard (and lonely at times). You have my sympathy .. or empathy if thats less patronising ..... :)

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I shout. A lot. It sometimes is Not good. Mine are older, but we started the 1st business when I was pregnant with my 1st, 13 yrs ago. I work a lot at night, esp the stuff that really matters.

my new yr resolution is to shout less. and swear less; it's not going so well :oops:

I have learned to tune out, and to really focus, but then, it's Friday night, and I've just put on the 2nd wash, and hoovered.

Self employment is incredibly rewarding , but totally knackering.

We love it really!!

I'm just looking into starting the next business off!!(from home, of course!!)

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You have to be really strict with yourself. It's OH's business really, although at one time I did more, especially when he was out. It was very difficult to be to hand in the summer when the garden beckoned. I tried working outside but couldn't hear the phone so resorted to doing things in the house. Felt tied to the house too - even if it was only for half a day - very resentful, yet I shouldn't have been. He now has an answering service and they are very efficient - which releases me. Very hard with him here though, can't have music on loud while ironing/cooking etc. plus the inevitable joining in singing bit. Hoovering is frowned upon. At one time he complained that we made too much noise while he was on the phone - to which I said it is our home and that he should go and do something rude. I didn't like washing the kitchen floor only to have him traipse back and forth with a rep with dirty shoes. But that was in the early stages, it is a lot better now, but he finds it hard to switch off, even carrying on well into the evening. He also gets up early and starts around 6. When he does take time out when it isn't busy (and I can see a lot of that happening this year) he feels guilty that he should be doing more. I am lining up lots of work for him in the garden though, for when the work does dry up a bit.

I agree with Phoebe, make a timetable and try to stick to it, but while you are at home you can be a bit more flexible - don't let it get you down either.

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I find it hard to switch off from work when I work at home: it just seems to absorb my time and I have to make a positive effort to protect time for myself. I also find the lack of contact with other people difficult: I enjoy teamwork (when theres a good team!)


I go to the cafe for lunch most days to de-isolate myself a bit, listen to radio 4 sometimes for a bit of mental stimulation, and do an adult education class once a week for the same reasons. Also joined the Committee of a local community organisation.


Haven't sorted out how to increase my exercise level yet though!

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Since OH has started working from home quite a lot too, I am actually getting more work done as he would be bound to notice if I were watching daytime TV and eating chocolates when I should be working :lol::lol: However, I have caught him surfing photography forums when he is supposed to be working. Luckily he can't see my computer screen while he is at his desk so I can browse the omlet forum in safety (oh and play scrabble :oops: ). the only thing that really gets me concentrating is the deadlines that I have to meet.

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Oh yes, I get the finger wiped along the tops and the comment "this is dusty", so I rebel and ignore him - apart from saying "well while you did that you could have got a duster yourself". I get more done when the house is completely empty. Plus then I don't get the hints for cups of tea every half hour. :roll:

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It may sound drastic but we had had to re-organise which rooms in our home were used for what because of OH working at home. Now he can talk as loudly as he wants on the phone but he doesn't wake me as his office is as far from our bedroom as can be, and sometimes I do nights and have to work in the day.

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We have a small building business & I am a joint partner & the book keeper too.

I am certain that the hubby thinks I waft around peeling grapes in my negligee all day, & if I am honest the work oly takes me a few hours a week, but I also keep the house going, shop, deliver & pick up the childre, deal with all out personal finances & all other household chores......he really has no idea :roll:

If someone has to phone Vodaphone because they have overcharged us again, & that phone call takes 40 mins, then thats someone is me.

If the car gets a puncture then I have to get it fixed (even if my driving caused it in the first place :oops: )


Then he says that he wants me to get up at stupid O'Clock on SUNDAY,which is my one lie in day, because he doesn't want to go to the market on his own, & what else have I got to do on a Sunday anyhow? PAH!!!


Sorry, I do feel taken for granted sometimes as you can probably tell.

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I've started working from home during my days off - I'm supposed to be working 3 days a week since returning to work from Maternity leave - however work is too busy.


So I now work from home on my 2 days off when the baby is asleep. Some days it's easy to work from home - and I have to stop myself working when he's awake - I got a blackberry, and if it's visable the draw to check emails is silly (so it's in a bag now out of my sight until Monday).


Some days I'd much prefer to clean (am I mad????) rather than work, the biggest distraction has to be the girls though!

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