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Help Needed (Peterborough)

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I have a chicken who I think may have crop impactation? There is quite a large solid lump at the bottom of her throat and she does not seem to be eating as much. I have read about a procedure to pour some warm water down the throat and gently massage the lump before turning the chicken upside down to remove the blockage, but it does state that an amateur should not attempt this (I fall safely into this bracket!). Is there anyone more experienced in the Peterborough area who wouldn’t mind coming to take a look? Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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Have a look at Claret's article **here**.


First of all I would get a syringe (available for administering meds to babies) and slowly trickle some warm olive oil into her beak. This will help soften the blockage. She might not be too thrilled about the taste. Try wrapping her in a towel to keep her calm and stop her flapping.


Then I would try the massage.


Not too difficult, and certainly not as scary as some articles I have seen involving tubing and the like. No need to do the tipping upside down with this.

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My chicken had a hard crop in the morning and I did as Egluntine suggested and gave oil and massaged it every few hours. Luckily it cleared in a couple of days. However, wear old clothes when syringing oil into a chooks beak. :D

Good luck, hope you can get it clear easily.

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