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Squirrel in the run!!!

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Just been out to see the girls and get the eggs to find the biggest squirrel I have ever seen trapped in the run (We have a walk in enclosure and run), and only 1 egg :(


I'm thinking he's eaten the eggs as with 10 girls 5-6 eggs this time of year is normal.


Any ideas how to get him to relocate?




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The Defra site will direct you to this:




The defra site will explain about the legalities ( and expensive licenses )




Toots is spot on... you have to be careful as there is quite a bit of legislation around the subject...


Good luck

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Vicki - does your run have a roof on it? If so do you know how he/she got in as perhaps you can beef up that bit of the enclosure.


I have quite hungry squirrels in my garden who pinch the bird food. So didn't want to 'get rid of them' if you get my drift, so give them their own peanuts away from the bird feeders which seems to help a lot. Not the most idea solution but it worked for me.


Must be one very fat squirrel if it ate 4 eggs :wink:

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Yes, any time now the Cholesterol should give it a heart attack and save you the trouble. :wink:


Squirrels are notoriously persistent and inventive when they find a source of food. If he has found eggs, like a rat, he will be back. I know it sounds obvious, but you either need to withdraw the source of food, or make it physically inaccessible. If wild creatures are free to come and go, they will.

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Thanks to all,


I think I scared him enough, and he hasn't visited again - yippeeeeeee!


(He was a big grey squirrel - so if I did get hold of him - what on earth I'd do with him I have no idea!).



On the note of ferret poop, yep tried that - and it did work on the other nasty 4 legged creatures who like my chicken food, until they burrowed under the run in another place - then it was poison for me.

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One of my cats once chased a squirrel into my dining room :shock: I don't know who was more shocked, me or him! He resolutely refused to come out, gripped hold of the table leg and peeped at me for a good while. Cat, by this time had lost interest and gone for a lie down. :roll:

I ended up leaving a trail of peanuts to the back door, went out to wait in the garden and hey presto! He was sprung!

He hasn't been back since...

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